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  • GTIC Monthly Threat Report - September 2018

    GTIC Monthly Threat Report - September 2018

  • GTIC Monthly Threat Report - August 2018

    GTIC Monthly Threat Report - August 2018

  • GTIC Monthly Threat Report - July 2018

    GTIC Monthly Threat Report - July 2018

    In this report, a brief overview of the increase in cyber activity surrounding the 2018 FIFA World Cup, insight into the increased insider threat risk brought about by collaboration tools and more...

  • Going_Hybrid_Cloud_Black_and_White_paper_451_Research


  • Risk: Value - Report

    Risk: Value - Report

    This year’s Risk:Value Report from NTT Security shows that there is still a lot of work to do. It crystallizes in one shocking statistic: one-third of companies would rather pay a hacker’s ransom...

  • Risk: Value 2018 Infographic

    Risk: Value 2018 Infographic

    This NTT Security Infographic presents and highlights charts of the survey findings from 1,800 non-IT business decision makers surveyed in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux...

  • Monero Mining Malware-Report

    Monero Mining Malware-Report

    This research report contains observations and analysis of attack types and sources and also provides details on how you can get started hunting for cryptocurrency mining malware in your own environme

  • GTIR 2018 NTT Security Report

    GTIR 2018 NTT Security Report

    NTT Security has created this report by analyzing over 6.1 trillion logs and more than 150 million attacks, along with vulnerability scans, incident response engagements, and diverse findings from...

  • GTIR 2018 - infographic

    GTIR 2018 - infographic

    With visibility into 40% of the world's internet traffic, NTT Security combines analysis of over 6.1 trillion logs and 150 million attacks for the Global Threat Intelligence Report.

  • GTIR 2018 - Highlights

    GTIR 2018 - Highlights

    Read the key findings from the 2018 GTIR. This paper considers the application of three Security Leadership Principles to help drive security programs.

  • GTIR 2018 - Summary

    GTIR 2018 - Summary

    The cyber world continues to expand, uniting information and operational technology, industrial controls and the Internet of Things into an ever-evolving environment across on-premises, cloud and ...

  • Managed Security Services

    Managed Security Services

    Do you need a comprehensive alternative to managing all your threat dynamics in house? Consider a Managed Security Service.

  • Risk Insight

    Risk Insight

    Identify the activities that need to take place to move you to a continuous state of Risk Management.

  • Incident Response

    Incident Response

    How would you deal with a security incident if it happened today? Could you manage it yourself, or would you need to call in the experts?

  • Avoiding Ransomware

    Avoiding Ransomware

    Ransomware has become one of the most common cyber threats to business. How can you prevent your organization from becoming the next victim?

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